Our interests outside work

For many years now, ACE partners have maintained a strong interest in social responsibility beyond their daily engagement in client projects. We believe that there are many ways to show respect and support for important community and charitable causes, therefore we encourage our employees to contribute to social charity or volunteer as individuals, whenever possible. We also engage in community and charitable causes directly as individual companies.

Here are some examples of our interests outside work:

  • We offer companies and local administrations – that usually don’t have access to consulting firms – business advice; by doing so, we encourage our consultants to engage outside their jobs, volunteering during part of their holiday and part of their business time (Algoe).
  • We support charity organisations through various fund-raising activities and donate all funds raised to those causes (ER Consultants, Abegglen, GEA).
  • We work with specific local, public administrations and support them to define their strategy and implement it (Rijnconsult).